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Published since 2004, PCN Europe has become a reference publication in Europe covering the latest industry news, application stories and product news from and for the processing world, including the chemical and pharmaceutical, food and beverage, oil and gas, as well as the rubber and the plastic industry. It is the indispensable source of information for processing professionals to get an update on what is happening in their industry.

PCN Europe magazine covers in an easy-to-read format, the latest worldwide processing news. It has an audited circulation of over 40,000 personally requested, qualified subscribers. Each print issue of PCN Europe is also published in digital format, enabling advertisers to enhance their presence with videos, data sheets, links and more.

With thousands of applications and products, PCNE.eu is the essential resource for processing professionals to discover new products, solutions and suppliers. No matter what type of ad, PCNE.eu offers the full choice of online advertising opportunities and multiple ways to reach a first-class audience of processing professionals.



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April 22nd, 2014
Smart closed-system fluid handling to take you forward, faster for drums and IBC totes The DrumQuik® PRO system from CPC provides safe, easy and economical extraction of chemicals from drums, jerricans and IBC totes—while reducing spills, conta…
April 21st, 2014
ABB’s RVG200 paperless data recorder incorporates a number of advanced features giving operators easy and secure access to process data. A key feature is the use of touchscreen technology. By using the device’s intuitive icon-based menus or &l…
April 17th, 2014
Bürkert's FloWave flow metering system is based on SAW technology (Surface Acoustic Waves). FLOWave indicates its device status at every time with a light being related to Namur NE107 definitions and does not require maintenance activities. Both allo…