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Thomas Industrial Media is a pioneer in providing information to the purchasing process whether through in-depth information search on the internet or via publications. Thomas serves the whole of Europe with IEN Europe, PCN Europe, Energy Efficiency Business & Industry, and Power in Motion and serves local markets with Technische Revue in Germany, PEI and ELCI in France, IEN Italia, Il Distributore Industriale and Manutenzione Tecnica e Management  in Italy and Endüstri Dunyasi in Turkey.

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IEN Europe
Language: English

Since 1975 IEN Europe has been the reliable resource chosen by industrial decision makers when searching for new products and solutions. It reaches industrial designers and manufacturing executives across the spectrum of the European industry.


PCN Europe
Language: English

Published since 2004, PCN Europe has become a reference publication in Europe covering the latest industry news, application stories and product news from and for the processing world.


Power in Motion
Language: English

Power in Motion is an international magazine for decision makers looking for solutions in Power Transmission and Motion Control.


Energy Efficiency
Business & Industry

Language: English

Energy efficiency: business & industry's goal is to highlight and showcase innovation and best practices, and to indentify and discuss challenges to industrial energy efficiency - both technical and policy-related.


Technische Revue (TR)
Language: Deutsch

TR is a reliable resource that many industrial decision makers in German-speaking Europe choose when searching for new products and solutions in the industrial field.


Language: Français

PEI brings a summary of the latest product and technological developments that are available to the French market.


ELCI - Electronique 
Composants & Instrumentation

Language: Français

Electronique Composants & Instrumentation offers a versatile media mix reaching design engineers, design management, procurement and decision makers in the French electronics industry.


IEN Italia
Language: Italiano

Since first being published in 1999, IEN Italia has grown to become a reliable resource that Italian industrial decision makers choose when searching for new products and solutions in the industrial field.


Manutenzione Tecnica e Management
Language: Italiano

Manutenzione T&M is the official technical journal of the Italian Maintenance Association (A.I.MAN). It covers the entire Maintenance, Repair, Processing and MRO markets in Italy.


Il Distributore Industriale
Language: Italiano

Targeted to key-management in the distribution field, Il Distributore Industriale provides a marketing perspective of relations between production and distribution as well as suggestions of industrial strategies in the Italian distribution market.


Endüstri Dunyasi
Language: Turkish

Endüstri Dunyasi is an industrial product and technology news publication serving small, medium and large enterprises in the Turkish market.


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