About Endüstri Dunyasi

First published in 2007, Endüstri Dünyası offers comprehensive media for Turkish industrial decision makers, facilitating their search for new products, new solutions and new suppliers.

Endüstri Dünyası magazine is published 8 times a year and is sent to several thousand qualified subscribers throughout Turkey in small, medium and large enterprises. A variety of advertising options are available in this magazine, each issue of which covers a diverse range of topics.

The Endustri-dunyasi.com website offers a broad choice of online advertising opportunities and multiple ways to reach a targeted audience of industry professionals. Suppliers' latest products can also be promoted in Endüstri Dünyası topical e-alerts, while new catalogs, brochures and CDs can be advertised on katalogtanitim.com, Endüstri Dünyası's catalog website.