About Energy Efficiency: business & industry

Energy Efficiency: business & industry brings together two forces in European energy efficiency; TIMGlobal Media and Energy Efficiency in Industrial Processes (EEIP).

Brussels-based EEIP is one of the newest organisations set up to promote business dialogue and better industrial energy efficiency policy. Established in April 2011 at the European Commission, the purpose of EEIP is to set forward a business case for energy efficiency. Since then, EEIP has grown to become one of the most infulential voices in EU industrial energy efficiency policy.



What brought TIMGlobal Media and EEIP together is the belief that a more systemic approach to industrial energy efficiency is necessary; one that involves not only suppliers and users of energy saving technologies, but also financing, information technologies, consultants and European policy makers. Furthermore, our view is that the broadest engagement of all these parties, in the magazine and also in social media, will lead to energy efficiency policy and solutions which are driven by real business needs and technical expertise.

Energy efficiency: business & industry's goal is to highlight and showcase innovation and best practices, and to indentify and discuss challenges to industrial energy efficiency - both technical and policy-related. The magazine is published twice per year and we invite and very much welcome your contributions and suggestions.