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In Person Events

Since 2005, TIMGlobal Media has been managing several in-person and digital events. In-person events are primarily targeted to the Italian market, and dedicated to maintenance, distribution, automation and energy efficiency in the industrial world. Digital events, such as technical webinars and podcasts, cover various topics and remain highly relevant in the B2B market. TIMGlobal Media's webinars and podcasts are a chance to target potential customers through a niche topic within the audience's industry


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MaintenanceStories, held for the first time in 2005, is an event reserved to Maintenance Supervisors and Factory Directors from end-user enterprises.

This major event gives companies the chance to present case studies focusing exclusively on industrial maintenance and it has become an unmissable appointment for people who work in the Maintenance sector in Italy.

SIMa - Italian Summit for Maintenance

SIMa - Italian Summit for Maintenance
is a biennial event presented by A.I.MAN.
- Italian Association of Maintenance
and TIMGlobal Media, which gathers
the most important stakeholders of the sector
to offer news and insights.

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The Energy event (formerly "Energy Efficiency Stories") came to life in 2014 , with the aim of spreading the culture of energy efficiency and sustainability in the industrial world.

The event addresses all professionals committed to energy management and consumption optimization: Energy Managers, Maintenance and Plant Managers, System Design Engineers.

It is a reliable moment of comparison, analysis and sharing between energy efficiency experts and all the stakeholders interested in success stories, technological innovations and market trends in the production and industrial fields.

La Giornata del Distributore

La Giornata del Distributore aims at taking stock of the situation of the distribution market and discussing the expectations across the whole sector.

The one-day convention is organized
by F.N.D.I., the National Federation of Industrial Distribution, and TIMGlobal Media and was established in 2009.

During the conference, leading operators
of the distribution market have the chance to present sector analysis and success stories.

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Digital Events


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Il Mese della Manutenzione

"Il Mese della Manutenzione - Maintenance and Asset Management TIME" is a project developed by A.I.MAN. - Italian Maintenance Association and TIMGlobal Media.

It's an event dedicated to all Operators, Managers, Technicians and Managers of Maintenance and Asset Management in Italy.

For one month every year, professionals can attend highly effective technical webinars, using an interactive space that allows
for questions and answers.

Industrial Automation Week

The Industrial Automation Week is a digital event focused on various issues related
to the industrial automation.

It is specifically designed for Italian operators, purchasing managers and industrial designers.

During a week every year, several webinars,
live demos and talks are conducted by industry professionals.


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Energy Week

TIMGlobal Media organizes every year a week of technical webinars and seminars
dedicated to the industrial energy efficiency and sustainability, to allow the stakeholders
to share technological innovations and market trends and present new strategies of this world, stimulated by current events.

Industrial Distribution Week

Industrial Distribution Week is a digital event focused on industrial distribution,
which involves all industrial distributions stakeholders through interactive webinars, live streaming and digital round tables.

It's a reliable time to share experiences
and strategies of this world, organized
by TIMGlobal Media and FNDI, the National
Federation of Industrial Distribution.

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Pumps & Valves Week

Pumps & Valves Week is a digital event, conceived by TIMGlobal Media, completely dedicated to the Fluids Circulation in the industrial sector.

During the week, the main stakeholders in the sector have the possibility to attend highly effective technical webinars, in order to discover new products, success stories, technological innovations and market trends.

Webinars & Podcasts


Webinars & Podcasts

With TIMGlobal's modular webinar service we provide you with qualified databases to promote your virtual event, the webinar platform to host it and a reporting dashboard to monitor your ROI. But webinars and podcasts are more than a single-time event: they are available on TIMGlobal Media websites before, during and after the live date, therefore webinars represent a particularly versatile and useful marketing tool.

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